Create more interactions and proximity with your clients

Link your products to a digital experience to unlock new consumer engagements.

Showcasing Seasonal Styles When it Matters Most

Leverage smart, wearables to make your brand an everyday interactive choice, deepening consumer connection and brand identity.

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    Elevate Your Sales with Style Suggestions

    Drive sales by pairing products into fashionable ensembles.

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    Post-Buy Style Guidance for Perfect Pairings

    Scan to find matching pieces, simplifying your morning outfit selection.

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    Fostering Brand Engagement Through Interactive Pieces

    Scan to deepen brand recall and increase desire to wear.

Products that narrate your brand's collaborative journey

Showcase high-profile partnerships and style icons wearing your fashion, strategically communicated for optimal impact.


Spotlight Collaborations


Influencer-selected Styles


Behin-the-scenes Access

Each scan unveils a unique story, connecting you to the collaboration's heart.

Unlock events, engage playfully and discover exclusive content

Event Engage: Unlock, Play, Discover


Interactive event invitations

Scan to unlock exclusive invites to our interactive pop-up experiences.


Gamified engagement

Gamify your event experience with scan-activated challenges and rewards.


Exclusive content reveals

Scan for secret reveals; unlock exclusive content at our events.

Customize your event experience with our tailored service integrations.

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